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Self-starter Marquis Ellison is the owner and designer of Marquis Rashoid LLC - a company that provides high fashion with a higher purpose. The Marquis Rashoid collection (with Rashoid pronounced Rashad) offers exclusively handmade bow ties and pocket squares with trendsetting and distinctive designs, while donating a portion of all proceeds to charitable causes that have personal significance to the designer - breast cancer and Crohn's Disease research. Marquis Ellison received his BS in Fashion Merchandising from The Florida State University. Upon graduating, he spent nearly a decade in retail management - an experience for which he is grateful to have had, although he longed for a chance to make his mark in a bigger way. That opportunity came when Marquis moved to New York City in 2013. This fresh start in the fashion capital of the world inspired Marquis to pursue his dream of introducing his fashion sense to the world. Although he holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising, he lacked the sewing skills, so he started taking classes. Early mornings and long nights paid off as Marquis mastered the sewing techniques that now contribute to the craftsmanship of Marquis Rashoid designs. With Marquis's dedication, keen sense of fashion and attention to details, Marquis Rashoid LLC was born. Marquis always knew he wanted Marquis Rashoid LLC to provide more than just high fashion - he wanted to serve a higher purpose. Inspired by the loss of his Aunt to breast cancer and his personal battle with Crohn's Disease, Marquis donates a portion of the company's proceeds to support breast cancer and Crohn's Disease research. Marquis is humbled to do what he loves while supporting causes that are dear to his heart.