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The COVID-19 pandemic also known as the novel Coronavirus hit us all very hard, especially the homeless in our headquarters of New York City. As of May, 2020 there's an estimated 59,308 homeless people, including 13,523 homeless families with 20,044 homeless children sleeping in NYC shelters. Nearly 4,000 homeless sleep on the streets. As the CDC and local governments mandate the wearing of face masks helping to control the spread, we realized the homeless aren't presented with this option.

When purchasing a face mask from our fabric selections below, you'll be donating one blue handmade face mask to the homeless on NYC streets. Our goal is to donate 100 handmade blue masks on Saturday September 5, 2020. All of our mask are handmade and washable. They consist of three layers which includes a non-woven interfacing which acts the filter (please note these are non medical grade masks). Thank for your support as together we provide masks and take care of the NYC homeless.
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